Please keep in mind we are two college students
with a tiny budget.

We are Graduate Students at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).
 Perry (49) is studying Electrical Engineering.
 Chad (27) is studying Bio-Engineering.

Our Goal is to setup a Bionic Limb Lab where we make mechanical gloves and mechanical socks for people in need anywhere on the planet. Given a few simple measurements we can make a glove for anyone, that work and fit well. Currently we only able to offer customized mechanical gloves.

These devices were not possible until very recently. The advent of inexpensive 3-D Printing has made this possible.
This will be a multi-discipline effort. We need and encourage Engineers, Doctors, Therapists, and the Community at-large to get involved.
How will you help?

  Legalese: Our lawyer made us do this.  *More details below. We are not making Prosthetics, we are making bionic gloves.
 If you need a prosthetic device please contact your health care provider.

If you are looking for a mechanical glove then we can help.  
First: follow this link and  print it out and SIGN it. Then scan and send it to us.

We thank these organizations for sharing their knowledge and equipment.

   Florida Atlantic University
   Enabling the Future

We need help on making this a larger community project will you help?

We Know Someone who Needs a Bionic Glove.

We Want to Help.

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