A little about us

We are Graduate Students at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Perry (49) is studying Electrical Engineering. Chad (27) is studying Bio-Engineering.

Our Goal is to setup a Bionic Limb Lab where we make mechanical gloves and mechanical socks for people in need anywhere on the planet. Given a few simple measurements we can make a glove for anyone, that work and fit well. Currently we only able to offer customized mechanical gloves.

These devices were not possible until very recently. The advent of inexpensive 3-D Printing has made this possible. This will be a multi-discipline effort. We need and encourage Engineers, Doctors, Therapists, and the Community at-large to get involved. How will you help?

Our Staff

Working to Give the World a Hand

C. Perry Weinthal


C. Perry Weinthal: Perry is an Electrical Engineer by training and immediately recognized the opportunity to work with Chad. Perry is familiar with the multiple electronic devices and options available. Perry's familiarity with micro-devices means he has a deep sense of the state-of-the-art in micro circuitry. This led to them to discover the open source community.

Chad Coarsey


Chad Coarsey: Chad was born with a version of Symbrachydactyly of the left hand (or the nub as Chad calls it). This is the precipitating event that we are addressing. Chad eventually meets Perry Weinthal in a University environment and together they decide it was time to provide Chad with a hand. Chad and Perry then set up a series of experiments that map-out Chad's capabilities specific to his nub. Chad will be instrumental in show-casing and advocating the device as well as personally testing future devices.

Manny Papir


Manuel Papir: Manny spent over 10 years in public service and in disaster response/recovery. He was a first responder during the September 11th attacks, and oversaw disaster recovery for non-profit institutions following Hurricane Sandy's landfall in Brooklyn, NY. Manny understands the need to get goods and services to the end-user and also understands the need to give-back to the community. Manny is responsible for identifying and organizing the various opportunities during the formation of the BGP as well the day to day operations.

Our Papers:Jul 30, 2015 Open-Source device for Variable Ulnar Prominence 

May 12, 2015   Julian playing Baseball the afternoon he recevied the glove
May 12, 2015  CH7 WSVN News: 6-year-old receives robotic 3-D hand
May 01, 2015 CH6 So. Fla. Student Gets New Hand Thanks to 3-D Printer
Apr 30, 2015
  CH7 WSVN News: 3-D printer comes in handy for FAU student
Apr 29, 2015  Sun-Sentinel Interview This goes along with the newspaper article.
Apr 20, 2015  Chad picks up an assortment of things, including a 3 liter container of water.
Apr 19, 2015  Here's Chad picking up a whiffle ball.  The next day we put some friction material on the gripping surface.
Feb 2015
 Testing for the best EMG pad placement on Chad's Arm.
Feb 2015  Here's the first moments of Chad being bi-dexterous. 

News Articles:
Jul 04, 2015 Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting,  3D printing bionic gloves.
May 21, 2015  Let’s Give Chad a Hand
May 14, 2015 Lending a Helping Hand
Apr 29, 2015  FAU student gets new hand from 3-D printer
Apr 29, 2015 Thumbs Up! Fau Student Gets New Plastic Hand

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